Windows xLite x64

If you are a person who is a regular Windows 10 user and experiencing some lagging behind in your Operating System. Then you should try Windows 10 xLite for free where the loading speed is really awesome. This operating system is built for those users who are not using Windows 10 for development or huge production services.

There are a bunch of new features in the Windows 10 xLite. Some of them are based on the backend speed of the operating system. While other feature solely depends on the frontend of the system. Means that those features and Apps that we use them in our daily routine. If you are working in the office and you have some issues with the speed of your windows then this one is for you. Previously all applications you opened would open on the same desktop. If you are working and playing on the same computer things can get cluttered. Task view allows you to create multiple virtual desktops, each with their own open applications. You could have one virtual desktop running your business applications like Word and Excel, and have another virtual desktop running Facebook and Twitter. This makes it easier to separate the two types of use for the computer, while allowing you to pick right back where you left off.

This the only Windows 10 Operating System that is really Lightweight in terms of Size and Free Space required for it to install on your System. Literally, you don’t need to worry about too much size for installing and properly running it.

Windows 10 xLite Edition is specially design and develop for those people who are unaware of some complex tools and options. Now they will have no issue at all by using this Operating System. Really handy and easy to use an operating system with a bunch of core features. Like in Windows 10 Enterprise.